About PochoCholo

This blog site is my spillover form my daily nonsense that is my #twitter account @pocho_cholo. My posts will most likely be filled with “F bombs”and other profanities (not one but two languages) but I do intend to clean them up and keep them as PG as possible….uuh huuuuh.  Here I’ll express my OWN opinions on current events that grab my attention or those that need your attention. Maybe a personal story or two. Ill also show off my cooking and artistic skills as well.

Please…if you feel that my postings are lacking in details of the full story…bring it to my attention in a civilized manner. Calling me a “Pendejo” or other names doesn’t help anyone and only confirms that you are troll looking to get attention.

Besides I’m too old to have my feeling hurt or ego bruised.

Ill also try to make it as funny as possible. So if you don’t have a sense of humor you can go fuck yourself and start your own blog page.



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