Past Events: Lowriting

Working backwards on this blog site…

Today’s post is about the Lowriting book signing/reading at Mi Vida Boutique in Highland Park. The event hosted a reading as well as lowrider car show that lined the block and had people spilling out into the street. Try and find that kind of book signing at Barnes & Noble!

Lowritng: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul, features photography by L.A.’s own, Art Meza, and was published by Broken Sword Publications.

The book collects an impressive collection of Chicana/o authors that have a clear understanding of the stories behind lowriding and lowrider culture in the US. muyCreative had the honor of creating the cover of this bad ass book! Contributors include: Luis Alberto Urrea, Gustavo Arellano, Jim Marquez, Robert Flores, Angelo Sandoval, Viva Flores and many more.

Each individual experience in Lowriting gives the reader insight in our struggles through short stories, poetry, artwork and of course Meza’s photography. You will definitely find something in the book you can relate to…maybe some crazy shit that you did in the old days or are thinking about doing.

It’s all part of the human experience, friends, and once you’ve read it you may say to yourself, “Holy fuck! I’ve done shit like that!”

Finally, I should also mention that no #Falsos, #Vendidos or other bullshit #Rebeldes or #traficantes took part in putting this book together. It was made with puro corazon, ink and paper. Serio.

With that said, here are some pics and comments about the event at Mi Vida. Check out the rides and celebs that showed up – some even appeared via the magic of Photoshop!

You can buy copies of Lowriting on Amazon, B&N, at Broken Sword Publications’ website and also locally in L.A. from the photographer himself. Ask for it at your local library!


Photos by muyCreative.

IMG_3359Sweet ass 64 Chevy Impala

caddyEye see you.

IMG_3360Mean and Green!

IMG_3366Full House.

IMG_3385Contributing Writers L to R: Ricky Luv, Enrique Arroyo, Jim Marquez

IMG_3395Blogger Extraordinaire:  Hella Breezy and friend

IMG_3364The Man of the Hour. Art Meza

IMG_3483IMG_3348Actor: Danny (Big Puppet) De La Paz Takes Time for some fans.

bayless_photobombRick Bayless may or may not have been here but if he did show…it would look like this.

draked02Drake the type of guy…to not miss a photo opp either.


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