Dockweiler in Black and White

Hello and hope all is well!

I had to take a leave of absence from pochocholo in order to get my house in order. Ya sabes puro pinshi beesnees. Its mostly gravy now…so lets move on with this show!

Since my last post Ive been busy flexing the creative muscle buy snapping away with my camera. Photographing nature, people and sometimes a combo of both.  In the up coming weeks Ill be sharing with you from the most recent photo essays to the some taken just a few months ago. With that said here are some black & white photos that I took yesterday afternoon while at the beach. I was hoping for another beautiful  Cali sunset, but alas the event was covered by low coastal fog. The solution was to take advantage of the light that was available and capture textures that formed in Black & White. If any professional photographers are reading this, Id really appreciate your feedback or suggestions. All images where taken by me and have only been cropped to a 16×9 format.

Thanks again for stopping by!!!

Not a Flock of Seaguls


Sea Foam


Colliding Waters


Receding Waters


Playing with Heavy Contrast


Forming Whirlpool


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