Dia de los Muertos and Mushrooms Trip Teaser.

Hi! Long time no blog. Sorry, but as I say “sometimes life gets in the way and one needs to stop and smell the roses.” I’m kidding…I don’t say that, I just pulled that one out of my ass.

Anyhow, I’m currently drafting up a blog post (and recreating the art) that describes my one and only experience using psychedelic mushrooms and the trip it took me on back in the summer of 2000. That post needs to be as accurate as possible cause its something I want to share. I’m just not sure if it needs to be presented as a cautionary tale cause in all honesty the trip was kinda fun, but there were consequences. You’ll be able to draw up your own conclusions soon enough.

In the meantime Ill share with you the art I created for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). They started off as hand drawn illustrations, rendered in Adobe Illustrator and finalized in Adobe Photoshop.
Both can be seen in in my muyCreative Instagram profile.

NO…FUCK NO…I WILL NOT describe DDLM or what it is cause you’re all old enough to Google it.

Here we go. Cheers!

sidebysideAdorned Her & His Calavera (Skull) Faces.

detailFemale Cross Detail.

detail_02Male Cross Detail.

That’s it everyone.

Hope you liked them. Ill get on that groovy shroomy blog post very soon. Ciao!


2 responses to “Dia de los Muertos and Mushrooms Trip Teaser.

    • Amelie,

      Good morning and thanks for stopping by my neglected blog site lol. If you could tell me a bit more on how you intend to use my Dia De Los Muertos images it would help me make a clear decision. If its only for advertising a small party (flyers, web, poster etc), Im okay with it so long as I get a credit for the art. Also you can only use the blog image or screen shot on the image. This is free of charge.

      If its for something you want to use to make items to sell and are requesting the hi-rez vector image, those are for sale for $250.00 a piece or $400.00 for the pair. Hope to hear from you soon and best of luck with your DDLM party!

      Kind Regards,

      Emilio R Medina

      PS Im currently working on a new DDLM design…maybe 2. Stay tuned!

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