Broadway & Guisados

This past Friday was an exceptionally great day in Los Angeles. The weather was perfect & clear and traffic was manageable. The assignment was to meet up with my friend Art (AKA: Chicano Soul) somewhere in the vicinity of Broadway & 6h in Downtown LA and snap away with our cameras!

As an added bonus there was some tasty treats to savor and extraordinary people to meet in the so called “crime ridden” streets of Boyle Heights…the crime is IMO a bunch of bullshit by the way. All I saw in B.H. was hard working people carrying on about their business and like all of us just doing their thing.

La Neta.

Though there is lots of content to share with you…theres simply too much for this posting. Read on down for the play by play. Enjoy!

If you like what you see Ill post more pics and add as an addendum to this.

Here we go:


Building on Broadway

DTLA-triptychBradbury Building, Theater floor detail and Art Deco pattern building entrance.

easternbldg_NLThe Eastern Building on Broadway.

goddess_NL“Goddess” Holding it down on 6th & Spring St.

  laLos Angeles Theater on Broadway.

rialtoRialto Theater getting some love or being knocked down.


tower_NLTower Theater Clock.

VCVictor Clothing Mural

BH-triptychShots of Boyle Heights along Cesar Chavez Blvd.

guisadosGuisados. This is the spot my friends! Excellente!


Me queme! Very tasty!!!

IMG_9036As mentioned before, I only saw hard working people doing their thing.

I raise a glass to you Los Angeles! ¡Adelante!


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