A little Some Some…


My tribute sketch to Mexican cartoonist illustrator José Guadalupe Posada (February 2, 1852 – January 20, 1913) whose art has influenced many Latin American artists and cartoonists because of its satirical acuteness and political engagement.  I basically grew up seeing Posada’s work all around me, in my dad’s collection of periodicals as well as magazines scattered around my aunts house in Tijuana. I must admit that I did find it a bit intimidating and yeah sure frighting. The use of skeletons to get a message across didn’t really jive with me. Well good news folks…at 44 I get it (actually I have gotten it for a while now DUH!)! Im now on a hunt to find more of Mr. Posada’s work.

I think my guy needs a lady friend in this pic?

Anyhow, a little some some to share with you. 😉

¡Ay los watcho!

HONESTY: Yeah the 1st line in this text is totally taken from wikipedia but it served my purpose to get this off the ground. JiJi


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