While on my way to the Magic Kingdom…

A lot of things can come across ones mind while driving in southern California. Specifically when driving to Disneyland USA.  The thoughts of what ride to go on first, where to eat, the weather or the crowds of people cramming to get on the Peter Pan ride are always on my mind but only for a second these days.


Anyhow we were about 20 minutes from the park when the image below came to mind:


Its my face from an old picture and in the background are LA Times newspaper articles covering the riots that ensued after the murder of chicano activist and journalist Ruben Salazar by Los Angeles County Sheriffs in August 1970. His crime was covering a non violent protest of the Vietnam War. Im still trying to figure out why I made this. The second we got back from spending only a few hours at the park, I went to my office and put this graphic together.  I dont know…maybe I think it simply looks cool or its communicating to me that I need to educate myself about a darker time in this city’s history.

Thats it for now. Have a day and always stay busy.


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