This Happend on Facebook today…

My rant below was triggered by these fucking retarded memes that have been circulating all over the internet. No Dummy…Obama is as comparable to Hitler  the same way Bush is comparable to Hitler. Since I swing to the left Ill let you guess who I think is more like spawn of Satan. Enjoy!


Im not naming names, but every time I see these disgusting pictures that compares Obama to Hitler it only tells me that you have taken the kool aid that removes critical thinking and you have not bothered to read what the president has proposed to do about gun control (if anything) and you should seek psychiatric help.

Though I personally believe that the resent rash of violence that has occurred in my country has more to do with mental illness than (BTW that debate needs more attention IMO) than controlling gun…I don’t believe that limiting certain guns from being manufactured is the answer.

Buy your guns!

Its your right!!!

Besides there way too many assault rifles out there to control and if you want something bad enough you’ll find away to get it.

I am in favor of more thorough background checks and smaller magazine clips plus severe punishment for those who circumvent these laws.

I do not believe that this country will ever become a fascist or communist nation. Theres too many Walmart’s. McDonalds and fancy things to buy…we are a good ol American consumer driven, image obsessed nation. So why would we want to limit that? Too much $$$ to be made.

I’m less a fan (not a hater) of Obama than I was in 08 and even less a fan of congress. Both have done little or nothing to do away with human rights abuses, pulling our troops out etc. And both only serve the interest of very few powerful people (this is nothing new).

Sorry folks. Hitler belongs in only 2 places….hell and in history books to serve as a warning. This president is no more comparable to Hitler than the last president and I can conjure up my own comparisons as well.

Have a nice day.”

And thats how that went a few minutes ago from this posting.


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