Craig Spivek—Bald! Jewish! And slightly schizo!


A shameless plug for my friends new book! Now available for download on Amazon.  Cover Design by yours truly…there’s even some kind words about the Mexicans too. Provecho.

Read what happens when Ozzy orders a pizza but can’t remember! He doesn’t know how to open the gate and has no cash to pay! This is one of the true life moments weaved into a fictionalized account of delivering pizzas in Beverly Hills better known as Devilcountry. Marvel at Craig Spivek—Bald! Jewish! And slightly schizo! As he finds his way in life by delivering to the famous and famous-adjacent for ex-screen legend and owner of The Big Pizza, Carin Murphy!

Stand in awe as convicted felon turned ex-Playboy model Randi Thompson and her hustler-driver boyfriend Rick try to climb the Mt. Shit-er-horn known as Hollywood! Gaze on in shock as up-and-coming screenwriter and quasi-feminist Lisa Goldberg totally loses her shit! and makes celebrity wannabee Pudgie deal with it! Scream ¡Ay Caramba! as Big Pizza manager Geraldo does what he must do to save his job from the clutches of Anaheim. Carin’s in trouble. The wolves are at the door and from his mild suburban home in the glorious San Fernando Valley Craig Spivek hears her calling to him through a shamanistic vision. Actually it’s just a guest appearance by Carin on a mid-morning talk show. But you get the idea. See, here’s the deal. Craig is kinda batshit crazy, but so what? He gets off his ass, and out of his parents’ house for a while. Maybe he ain’t so crazy after all. Maybe this is just the way of Devilcountry. Maybe you need to investigate. This is a story of failure, showbiz, and pizza as witnessed and told by me, Craig Spivek. Craig really delivered to stars. Mexicans really worked the back and Jimmy really took me to a sex show and died. Now back off, order a pizza to be delivered and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to tip.


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