nopalitsaThe Nopalista logo was something I created to unite those who LOVE Nopales (cacti) as a meal and what the it symbolizes for the Mexican culture. Its an opinion of mine…that based on all the Speedy Gonzales cartoons and depiction of Mexico growing up, that the nation where I was born is always depicted as dirty and impoverished (and to further fuel the stereotype) never short of cacti in the background. Shit, the cacti was even featured in the Flintstones cartoons when they went to Rock-a-pulco!  So its the cacti that I’m taking back and draping it in a banner (and having it stand tall and proud) to illustrate it as a movement…a moment that is moving forward (adelante) and gaining members. I think we’re like 3 strong at the moment. Its open to all who love nopales and arent afraid to try it with some eggs or salsita. Membership is absolutely free! All you need to do is place the hash-tag in your twitter feed bio #Nopalista and you’re in. Ay los Watcho.

Oh if you have a recipe that involves cooking with nopales…hook me up!


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